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Let's Do Lunch!

Homemade Food Served Buffet Style

Minimum 10 guests    Delivery extra  

James Special

Assorted Deli, Roll-up and Specialty Sandwiches

Fresh Salads, Homemade Dessert, Assorted Soda

Paper Goods, Beautiful Set-up!   

Hot Lunch Buffet

Choice of Homemade Entree

Bread, Salad, Homemade Dessert, Assorted Soda   

Budget Lunch

Deli Sandwich or Roll-up on a tray

Bags of chips, Bottle of water or canned soda   

Budget Bag Lunch

Deli Sandwich

Bag of Chips, Bottle of Water   

Box Lunches

Deli or Roll-up Sandwich

Salad Cup, Fruit Cup, Homemade Dessert, Canned Soda,   


Slumber Party Potatoes

Any Salad, Any Bread, Any Dessert, Beverage, Paper Goods 

Slumber Party Potatoes:

Baked Potatoes are cut in half lengthwise.  Served with toppings on side:

Steamed Broccoli, crumbled bacon, and homemade cheese sauce   

Fiesta Special

Fajita Bar

Chicken, Steak, Peppers Lettuce & tomato flour tortillas and shredded cheese

Refried Beans, Mexican Rice, Tortilla Chips, Salsa

Mexican Pineapple Cake with strawberries

Beverage, Paper Goods   

Luau Special


Hawaiian Meatballs

Ground beef with bits of pineapple & green peppers in a sweet & sour BBQ sauce.

Pineapple Glazed Ham with Hawaiian Rolls & Pineapple Dijon Mayo

Island Pasta Salad - Shell pasta with colored peppers, veggies, cubes of cheese & a tangy vinaigrette.

Hula Slaw -  Shredded cabbage, crushed pineapple & little marshmallows with a great dressing

BBQ Beans, Fresh Fruit with Chocolate Fondue in Pineapple Shell, Macadamia Lime Squares

Special Luau Disposables extra




Roasted Turkey

Smoked Turkey


Roast Beef

Deli w/ cuke, tomato, sprouts & scallion mayo   

Specialty Sandwiches

Chicken Cherry Salad

Springwater Tuna



Teriyaki Chicken Pita

Beefsteak Tomato & Blue Cheese Smoked Turkey

Artichoke & Muenster w/ garlic mayo

Caesar Chicken Wrap

Turkey, Bacon, Tomato & Pepper Jack Wrap

Corned Beef, cabbage, Swiss & Thousand Island 


Michigan Salad w/ Raspberry Vin.

Creamy Garden Greek Pasta Salad

Golden Potato ~ Red Potato

Mixed Greens w/ Variety Dressings

Coleslaw ~ Baked Beans ~ Couscous 

Homemade Soups

Choose a salad & bread, or sandwich to go with your soup



Stuffed Spud


Mexican refried bean

Chicken tortilla

Broccoli cheddar

Chicken noodle

Chicken rice 

Hot Meat Entrees - All Homemade!

Add additional entrees 


                                    Chicken Enchiladas -   chicken & cheese rolled in corn tortillas, baked in a mellow enchilada sauce.

                                    Ground Beef Enchiladas - ground beef & cheese in corn tortillas, baked w/ enchilada sauce.*

                                    Baked Meat Lasagna - Our homemade lasagna is delicious!******

                                    Chicken Broccoli Stroganoff - chunks of chicken & broccoli baked in light cheddar sauce, parmesan top.

                                    Baked Meat Sauce & Ziti -   Tomato & meat sauce baked with pasta and three cheeses.**

                                    Chicken & Wild rice bake - A light and creamy sauce baked with chunks of chicken & wild rice.***

                                    Chicken-Spinach Lasagna - chunks of chicken layered with fresh spinach leaves, cheeses and noodles with a light tomato sauce.

                                    Creamy Chicken Fettuccine Bake - chunks of chicken, broccoli, fettuccine baked in a parmesan sauce.***

                                    Chicken Fried Rice - Chicken, pea pods, celery, mushrooms, water chestnuts & scallions, steamy hot.

                                    Mediterranean Baked Chicken - Rotini, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, tomatoes & chunks of chicken baked

                                    Spaghetti & Meatball Casserole - homemade meatballs baked with spaghetti in our tomato sauce.***

                                    Western Beef & Corn Bake with Mashed Potato Topping*

                                    Creamy Beef, Noodles& Spinach Casserole - Noodles, ground beef, mushrooms & fresh spinach leaves layered with a 

                                         cream cheese-cottage layer, topped with French fried onions & baked.*

                                    Biscuit-Topped Mexican Beef Fiesta - Ground beef, corn, & chili-flavored tomato sauce baked with

                             cheddar cheese and cornmeal-topped biscuits over the top.

                                    Cheesy Ham & Noodle Casserole - Wide noodles, cubed ham and broccoli baked in a light & Creamy sauce.




Meatless Entrees - All Homemade!

Add additional entrees


                                    Cheesy artichoke bake- rice baked with artichoke hearts & chopped tomato, with a light cheese sauce.

                                old fashioned macaroni & cheese- three cheeses  add flavor to this homemade classic.

                                    Vegetable Lasagna - Tomato sauce layered with spinach leaves, black olives, mushrooms & carrots.

                                    Cheese stuffed shells baked in marinara sauce - We use three cheeses in this delicious classic.

                                    Greek spinach pie - Light & flaky phyllo dough with a spinach & cheese filling, served in squares.

                                    Fettuccine with vegetables- Pasta baked in a light cream & Parmesan sauce with broccoli & carrots.

                                    Spinach enchiladas - Spinach is pureed in the light sauce that bakes over cheese enchiladas.

                                penne baked with tomato sauce, black olives, mushrooms, feta & mozzarella

                                    Mediterranean Pasta Torte - served in squares, ziti pasta baked in layers with eggplant, tomato, onion

                                            & celery, with a white parmesan sauce.

                                    Italian Zucchini Pie - Served cut in square portions, a pastry crust baked with a filling of sautéed zucchini,

                                onion, egg, milk & Muenster cheese.

                                    New Potato, Bowtie & Vegetable Stir-Fry - Pasta is stir fried with slices of red potato, asparagus spears

                                and red pepper strips, then sprinkled lightly with Swiss cheese.

                                    Mexican Rice & Bean Casserole - white rice, corn, chili beans, tomato & green chilies baked with cheese. 



Pull Apart rolls

Seeded bread stix

garlic bread

biscuits, cheddar biscuits

jalapeno cheddar biscuits

buttery green onion biscuits

French Baguette with sweet butter

cheese-filled Italian bread

sliced homemade bread w/ butter

fruit muffins

parmesan twists

Cheddar green onion muffins


Homemade Quiches

Choose this for your entree


A serving is 1/4 pie

Broccoli cheddar

Ham & Swiss

Fresh spinach

Garden vegetable

Cottage Swiss


Fresh tomato, basil & three cheeses

Creamy zucchini


Homemade Desserts


toffee topped brownies***rice krispie treats

magic bars*****Chocolate Glazed rice krispies

peanut butter Chocolate chip brownies **chocolate no bake cookies

  brownies*****Warm chocolate chip cookies

fudge brownies swirled w/ chocolate ***oatmeal raisin cookies

  Mexican brownies

cheesecake swirl brownies***cherry cheesecake squares

Almond Macaroon brownies***cream cheese frosted brownies

lemon cheesecake squares***Blonde's blondies




Carrot cake w/ cream cheese icing**Peanut butter cake

Apple berry cake w/ cream cheese icing**Banana cake

Banana Butterfinger cake****Mississippi mud cake

Mexican pineapple cake w/ strawberries**Chocolate fudge cake

Applesauce spice cake****Turtle cake

Triple lemon cake*****Peaches n cream cake

Earthquake cake*****Pineapple upside cake

Salted peanut chews*****Holy cow cake

White, chocolate, strawberry or marble cake*,

Chocolate Raspberry Bars                           


Add these to your lunch buffet for excitement! 

Seven-Layer Nacho Dip Platter

comes with tortilla chips

Hot Wings with Blue Cheese Dip  with Celery & carrots

Fresh Vegetables with Dip

Choose either a spinach dip or dill dip

Fresh Fruit Platter

 With Marshmallow Dip or Chocolate Fondue

Hot Artichoke-Spinach Dip

 With Pita Chips

Cheese & Cracker Tray

Assorted domestic & imported cheeses

Fiesta Tray

Homemade guacamole; fresh salsa; and black bean & corn salsa with tortilla chips

BLT Dip with Vegetables & Sesame Stix

  Our delicious, popular homemade dip full of crumbled bacon and fresh tomatoes.

Southwestern Shrimp Cocktail

   Large boiled shrimp with chipotle aioli and a black bean & corn salsa. With homemade

spicy tortilla chips.  Served cold.


Substitute these Entrees


Any of these may be substituted for entree  items


Chicken Caesar Salad

Teriyaki Chicken Skewers

  Strips of chicken breast marinated in teriyaki sauce & broiled, on bamboo skewers.

Salad Bar Greens

 with assorted toppings on the side:  Cherry tomatoes, broccoli, cucumber, diced egg, shredded cheese, black olives, bacon.  Dressings:  Ranch, Caesar, Homemade vinaigrette, French, Raspberry Vinaigrette

Parmesan Chicken Breast

 Whole boneless breasts are dipped in fresh lemon & Parmesan & baked. Ultra-moist!

Quesadillas with Salsa and Sour Cream

We'll make them your way.  Our favorite way is with two cheeses, bacon, tomato, sautéed mushroom slices and bits of pickled jalapeno.