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The following menu packages make it easy for you to select your

Open house menu.  You may add to, or take away, any foods

To suite your taste and your budget.

We are happy to help you with your selections!


All of our Foods are Homemade!



Our Favorite Open House


Trays of Assorted Mini Sandwiches, made with an assortment of the following breads and fillings:

   Breads:  Mini Croissants, Mini French Rolls, Silver Dollar Rolls, Mini Roll-ups

   Fillings:  Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, Chicken Salad, Egg Salad, Tuna Salad

   (All deli meat sandwiches come with assorted cheese slices.  All sandwiches

    have lettuce.  Condiments on the side).

Trays of Italian Super Subs

Loaves of French bread are layered with ham, salami, cheeses, lettuce, tomato, pickle and peppercini, splashed with Italian vinaigrette, and cut into 3-inch segments. 

Garden Pasta Salad

Michigan Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette

Cold Baked Bean Salad


Your choice of 3 salads

Fresh Vegetable Platter with Homemade Dill Dip or Spinach Dip in Pumpernickel      bowl

Festive Fresh Fruit Platter with Marshmallow Dip in Pineapple bowl 

You may change the menus to suit your personal taste!

Bistro BBQ Open House


BBQ Pork with Buns   Pulled pork BBQ is kept hot in our chafers, with a basket of assorted Kaiser rolls for guests to pile on the pork!  Or have our server assist guests with their sandwich.

Trays of Little French Rolls and Silver Dollar Rolls filled with Deli Meats and Cheeses 

Garden Fresh Cheese Tortellini Salad


Red Skin Potato Salad

(or your choice of any 3 salads)

Fresh Fruit Tray

Vegetable Tray with Dip

Strawberry Fields   Fresh strawberries dipped in white, dark and milk chocolate, along with chocolate dipped graham crackers, in a beautiful presentation.  

French Laundry Open House

  All Foods arrive in attractive wicker trays and baskets with this package.


Trays of Full Size Deli Sandwiches, cut in half

   A variety of meats and cheeses on variety breads, condiments on the side.

Included are:  freshly made chicken salad, tuna salad, baked ham, smoked turkey, roast beef, and salami,  all on croissants and fresh bakery and artisan breads. 

Red Skin Potato Salad

Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad

 Or Your Choice of Two Salads

Crudite Basket with Fresh Dill Dip

Fresh Fruit and Cheese Basket

Assorted Cookie Basket  

All American Picnic Open House


Baked Parmesan Crumb Chicken Breast Halves


 BBQ Meatballs

Hot Dogs (steamed hot dogs are kept warm in our chafers) with buns &    condiments

Baked Beans

Golden Potato Salad


Potato Chips with Dip

Strawberry Shortcake

   Soft, split, fluffy biscuits,  fresh pureed strawberries and whipped topping.  Guests have fun making their own, or, a server can assist guests.  

Fiesta Extraordinaire Open House


Chicken Enchiladas

Spinach Enchiladas

Mexican Rice

Refried Beans

Wings of Fire with Blue Cheese Dip

Layered Nacho Dip with Tortilla Chips

Fresh Salsa with Tortilla Chips

Black Bean and Corn Salsa with Tortilla Chips

Fiesta Fruit Platter with Chocolate Fondue in Pineapple Bowl 

Taco Bar Open House


An attractive presentation including everything needed for tacos, plus more!

Ground Beef Taco Meat

Shredded Fajita Chicken meat

Lettuce, Shredded Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Sour Cream, Jalapeno

Hard Taco Shells, Soft Taco Shells

Fresh Salsa

Fresh Guacamole

Tortilla chips

Refried Beans

Mexican Rice

Fresh Fruit Platter with Pina Colada Dip

Spanish Chicken Wings

Tossed Salad with Variety of Dressings 

Teen’s Choice Appetizer Open House


Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs

BBQ Meatballs

Mini Roll-up Sandwiches

Buffalo Wings with Bleu Cheese Dip

Deviled Eggs

Hot Spinach-Artichoke Dip with Pita Chips

Vegetables with Spinach Dip in Bread Bowl

Greek Pasta Salad

Espresso Fudge Brownies

Lemon Cheesecake Squares 

Hawaiian Luau Open House


Hawaiian Baked Ham with Pineapple Glaze with Hawaiian Rolls, Mango Mayonnaise and Fruited Dijon Mustard   Boneless ham baked with a pineapple glaze, thickly sliced and served with soft Hawaiian rolls for guests to make little Sandwiches with.  Served with our Mango-enhanced mayonnaise and Dijon mustard flavored with nectars of fruits.

Hawaiian Meatballs  Homemade with pineapple bits & green peppers, in a sweet & sour BBQ sauce.

Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs

Island Pasta Salad   A colorful pasta salad with red, yellow & red pepper strips, scallions, veggies,

   cubes of spicy cheese and a tangy vinaigrette dressing.

Hula Slaw  Shredded cabbage, crushed pineapple & mini marshmallows tossed with a creamy dressing.

BBQ Beans

Fiesta Fresh Fruit Platter with Chocolate Fondue in a Pineapple Shell  

Salads For you to Choose From 

Greek Pasta Salad   Feta, black olive, green pepper, tomato, cuke, scallion, pasta & Lemon-Italian vinaigrette

Garden Pasta Salad   Tomato, scallion, black olive, peas, Parmesan & Italian vinaigrette.

Creamy Pasta Salad   Green olive, tomato, celery, peas, scallion, zesty sour cream-mayo dressing.

Caesar Pasta Salad    Pasta, chopped Romaine lettuce, Parmesan, croutons, Parmesan & Caesar Dressing.

Garden Fresh Cheese Tortellini Salad  Cheese tortellini, cuke, tomato & scallion with a Creamy  herb dressing.  Our favorite!.

Michigan Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette  Spring mix, dried cherries, Bleu cheese, red onion slivers and pecans with raspberry vinaigrette.

Mixed Green Salad with Variety Dressings  Spring mix, spinach leaves, tomato, cuke, Homemade croutons and variety of dressings.

Coleslaw or Fruited Coleslaw  Regular homemade coleslaw, or Fruited which has a yogurt dressing plus grapes, mandarin oranges and                                                             strawberries.

Red Skin Potato Salad  Has a sour cream, Dijon and fresh dill dressing.

Golden Potato Salad  Loaded with crunchy veggies, potatoes are marinated first then dressed with A mustard-accented dressing.

Broccoli-Cauliflower Salad   Fresh cut broccoli and cauliflower, peas, sunflower seeds,  raisins and red onion with a tangy and creamy dressing.

Cold Baked Beans  Loaded with flavor.

Relish Tray  Black & green olives, Variety pickles, carrot & celery sticks.


Extras to add to any menu

Add any of these items for additional $ per person.  It’s fun to add a variety, and no need to order for the whole crowd!  Order minimum is 25 servings. 

Buffalo Wings with Bleu Cheese Dip

BBQ Meatballs

Chicken Nuggets with Honey-Dijon Sauce & BBQ Sauce

Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs

Deviled Eggs

Hot Spinach-Artichoke Dip with Homemade Pita Chips

Baked Black Bean Dip with Tortilla Chips

Layered Nacho Dip with Tortilla Chips

Thai Chicken Wontons, cold

Stuffed Mushrooms

For more suggestions, Please ask for our entire appetizer menu!

Add Hot Dishes to your Open House Buffet! 

Hot Entrees Available by the pan, most pans serve up to 12 guests.   

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Greek Spaghetti with Meatballs  (Feta cheese & black olives in the sauce)

Beef Lasagna

Vegetable Lasagna

Cheese Stuffed Shells

Beef Enchilada Bake

Spinach Enchiladas

Chicken Enchiladas

Greek Lemon Chicken

Parmesan Crumb Chicken

Cajun Chicken & Rice Casserole

Chicken Mediterranean Bake

Old Fashioned Macaroni & Cheese

Assorted Quiches

Please ask for our dinner menu for a selection of sides, breads and more entrees.


Each order cuts into 24 large pieces, or 48 smaller pieces


Rocky Road Brownies, Espresso Fudge Brownies, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Brownies, Cheesecake Swirl Brownies

Brownies with Reese’s PB Chips, Salted Peanut Chews, Toffee Topped Brownies, Macaroon Brownies, Lemon Cheesecake Squares,

Cherry Cheesecake Squares, Magic Bars, Fudgey Pecan Brownies

Chocolate Raspberry Bars (60 pieces,)

Chocolate Oatmeal Peanut Butter Bars swirled with white chocolate in school colors  

School Spirit Cupcakes  Serve cup cakes (assorted flavors) frosted with icing in school colors.  We can even decorate the tops with letters to spell out names when presented on platters.

Available in orders of 2 dozen        (minimum 2 dozen per flavor) 

Rocky Road Cup Cakes   Chocolate cupcakes frosted with chocolate icing, topped with mini marshmallows and drizzled with milk chocolate, then mini chocolate chips.

minimum2 dozen - per order 

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows Drizzled & decorated with white chocolate in school colors!

  On a stick, platters of 30    

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels Drizzled & decorated with white chocolate in school colors!

Rods  2 dozen minimum

We have a full line of cakes, cookies and pies, please ask to see our complete dessert menu!  

Graduation Cakes 

¼ sheet cake                         Serves up to 20                                 

½ sheet cake                         Serves up to 40                                   

¾ sheet cake with filling       Serves up to 60                                   

Full sheet cake                      Serves up to 100                                 


Flavors:  White, Chocolate, Marble, Yellow, Banana, Lemon, Strawberry.

***For extra fun, choose two flavors for your graduation cake!


Frostings:  Our homemade Buttercream frosting is made with real butter, cream and imported vanilla, and is whipped until super fluffy!

Chocolate Frosting:  We also do chocolate frosting for your chocolate lovers!



Order two smaller cakes, one cake with High School colors and a second cake with College colors!


Other Special cakes:   9x13” cakes, up to 24 servings. 

Mexican Pineapple Cake -  A homemade yellow cake with crushed pineapple & pineapple chunks baked in, frosted with a cream cheese icing.  Garnished with fresh strawberries and mint leaves.


Pink Fru-Fru Cake -  A white cake marbled with strawerries. Frosted with our super fluffly Fru-Fru pink icing, (a whipped cream & cream cheese icing that is ultra light and fluffy) topped with whipped cream rosettes and fresh strawberries.  Any message can be written on the cake. 

White Fru-Fru Cake  -  Same as the pink Fru-Fru, but with white icing instead of pink.



Refreshing Punches

All punches come in a pretty punch bowl with acrylic punch cups, napkins and a beautiful ice ring.


One order serves up to 40 guests.  Available by the order  

Sparkling Raspberry Punch

Lemon Orange Celebration Punch

Pineapple Fizz Punch


Coffee Service

   Coffee drinkers are usually at a minimum at open houses, so normally your home coffeemaker will suffice for those who ask for coffee.  However, we will provide coffee pumps full of decaf and/or regular coffee, along with cream and sugar and coffee cups, if your guest list requires quantities of coffee.  We use freshly ground Beaner’s beans. 


Ice Tea and Lemonade

Pitchers of ice tea or lemonade with fresh lemon slices and ice are nice and refreshing during open houses. 




For ease in safe food storage and clean-up, all of our trays of sandwiches and fruit and vegetable platters arrive on pretty marble-look disposable deli trays with dome lids (unless otherwise specified).  Salads arrive in tins which may be set over ice, or may be transferred to your salad bowls.  


For a more formal presentation we will present all foods on our beautiful service pieces and salad bowls.  There is an additional fee for this service, which includes a return trip for us to pick up the dishes the day following your open house.  We ask that all dishes be returned clean.  


At no extra charge

Your open house comes complete with standard disposable dishes.  Standard disposables include: foam-style dinner plates, mini foam cake plates, white plastic forks, dinner napkins and cocktail-size napkins in your school colors.  

Best Quality Upgrade

Upgrade to heavy-duty plastic Solo-brand plates in school colors, along with clear forks, dinner and cocktail napkins in your school colors, and colored heavy duty small plates in school colors.  



Your Open house foods will be prepared by our staff using the freshest,

Highest quality foods available.


We take great care to make sure everything is presented beautifully, using your school colors in our packaging and presentation wherever possible.


On delivery we will bring a menu or place cards to

Identify the foods you are serving.


Please have extra refrigerator space available to keep refills cold.


Be sure to have plenty of water bottles on ice for your guests!

Order by the Platter


All platters are presented on marble-look disposable deli trays with dome lids. 



Vegetable Platter  Seasonal vegetable assortment with your choice of dips:

                                 BLT Dip       Fresh Dill Dip      Spinach Dip with Bread Bowl


Small                          15-30 people                                     

Medium                      30-50 people                                                 

Large                          50-75 people                                     


Fruit Platter   Display of fresh season fruits including pineapple, melons, berries & grapes

Small                          15-30 people                                       

Medium                      30-50 people                                       

Large                          50-75 people                                     


Classic Cheese Tray   Slices and cubes of Swiss, Cheddar, Pepper Jack  & CoJack. Served with French Baguette Slices and Crackers

Small                          15-30 people                                        

Medium                      30-50 people                                        

Large                          50-75 people                                     


Exquisite Cheese Tray   Wedges of Brie, Smokey cheese, Harvarti and other choice cheeses with fruit garnish, French baguette slices and fine crackers.

                        Serves  up to 40 guests                                 


Sandwich Platters 

Chicken Salad with Dried Michigan Cherries on Mini Croissants

Silver Dollar Sandwiches with Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef & Cheese

Mini Croissants with Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef & Cheese

Mini Roll-up Sandwiches   An assortment of flour tortillas rolled around turkey, ham or roast beef along with 2 cheeses, lettuce & tomato, cut into thirds.   

Pricing and Policies


                                        A $100 deposit is required to hold your date, it is nonrefundable. The balance is due the day of the Open House.  


We appreciate any advance notice of cancellation.  It Is mandatory that you cancel a full week in advance or you Will be charged for those foods already purchased.  

Service Worker:

                            Personnel work at the rate of $20.00 per hour.  She Will keep the party going without you having to take Time away

                                         from your family and friends.  She will also Clean up and the end of the party. Please Pay her directly. Gratuity is not

                                          required, but is appreciated. 4 hour minimum.                                                                                                                 


                                                 We will use white linens on the food and beverage tables, if You desire, at no charge, if we are doing a full set-up.  

Delivery Fee:

                            There is a delivery fee  on all deliveries

Drop Off Delivery:

                            If you choose to have all of your foods provided on Disposable platters and dishes, there is no set-up fee.  


                            There is a  gratuity fee, on food only.  

Full Set-up:       

                            If the use of chafers or our platters and dishes is required, a Set-up fee is incurred. The fee includes the cost of our

                                         Returning the following day to pick up equipment. Please be Sure to return all dishes clean, we appreciate it very much!



    Thank you for asking for asking for our assistance, we will work with you in designing the Open House that is perfect for you and  

 your family.  Please let us know if there is something you would like that  is not on our menu.  We look forward to help make your

 special day SPECIAL!